Odds and ends

Today was one of "those" mother days. Magnolia has been straight up contrary. Spitting, throwing, clinging, pushing, even occasional hitting. She's also all rashy all over right now. So she's contrary, and I feel bad for her. Tonight she was helping me make dinner (biscuits and gravy), and I went to see how much milk I needed for the biscuits because I forgot to write it down. I came back and the mixture of everything but the milk was being placed into a vase, dribbled on the counter, and eaten.

We started over. She ended up in a time out while I was making the gravy when she slammed the cabinet after I asked her not to. It was 2.5 minutes of pure bliss because I got a break from either prevention or clean up. When I was in the shower this morning, all of my shirts were on the floor in my bedroom. I think they're still there. I did sweep up the pretzels that were thrown across the living room.

Jake is also sick. He feels flu-like. Achy and congested. I rubbed Vicks on his chest and behind his ears before I tucked him into bed. It reminded me of how my mom used to take care of me when I was sick. Vicks was a miracle worker, and she knew exactly where to put it. She also used to rub my knees when I had those awful growing pains. I like remembering those things and dwelling on them for a while.

I went visiting teaching tonight. When I left, Jake was lying on the rug in the living room. I covered him up, propped a pillow under his head, and went on my way. One of the gals at the visit relayed the story of her baby having a diarrhea explosion at a restaurant while out with the sister (girl) missionaries this afternoon. While her child was not being contrary, my day suddenly seemed much easier: piles of clothes, sweeping up pretzels, and starting dinner over didn't seem like much compared to a public poop explosion - a high chair LP fountain. Bless her mother heart. [and mind too, because I really need tomorrow to be a little better.]

Hey, it is tomorrow because it's almost 12:30. That means it's FRIDAY! Hopefully Jake will wake up feeling better so that day of the week actually matters in my world. I'm still up because I'm washing diapers. Two nights ago I was up with Goo until 2, and I secretly swore I would go to bed at 9 each night this week. Well, after VT, I needed to go grocery shopping, and I actually really enjoyed being able to go, except for the screaming child in Walmart, but for real, it was almost 10, if I was little and in Walmart in my Spiderman jammies, I might be screaming too. It just put a cramp in my mini-vaca style. I drove around downtown for a while afterward, prepping myself for the sinkful of dishes and 2 loads of laundry that needed to be done, but when I got home, Jake was in the kitchen, and the dishes were done. Tender mercy.

I put him to bed after he told me about some things he'd listened to, one of which was an On Being episode with Joanna Brooks called Mormon Demystified. I listened to it while I did laundry (and ate a bit of chips and salsa). I loved it, and I cried twice. I really like Joanna Brooks. I appreciate the familiarity I feel when listening to her talk about her faith transition. It's comforting.

And finally, my foot has been hurting in the same spot I injured it earlier this year. I don't like it because, just in case anyone has missed it, I'm in the middle of training for my first half marathon, and feet are kind of important in running. That, in addition to a little stranger in my two-year-old's body, a sick husband, and floors that need to be mopped, I think I can officially declare myself in a bit of a funk. Whatever though, I'm going to make tomorrow (today) great. And Kamla, I might be coming to see you next week because this foot thing is no bueno.


  1. How did today(tomorrow) go?!? I hope much better. good luck w/ your training for running...I admire you!

  2. Today was much better. I was a little cranky this evening, but that's my own fault. My girls were gems.



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