Mostly about Running [and art and farewells]

On Saturdays, I run the longer distances in preparation for my half-marathon in November. Six was the magic number of miles I was supposed to run today. And I did. Last week's run was hard because my knee was being obnoxious. It only acted up once today, which was fabulous. I'm just terrified to "run through the pain" after the whole foot fiasco I had earlier this year. I love running downtown. Today I took wider swoop that took me through Deep Deuce, and that is where I saw that the old Irving school is for sale. I hope something great goes in. It's been a title company (I think). I'm feeling a West Elm. Or a super amazing grocery store. We're are seriously starved for good grocery stores in our part of the city. As more people move back downtown though, that will change. But I want it sooner rather than later[!!].

More about running: This whole week was really good. I was looking forward to rolling out of bed this morning to run. Last week I had this epiphany: I'm training for a 1/2 marathon because I've never done one before. It's okay that I can't just go out and conquer it. I'm running distances that increase slowly each week because that's right where I should be. They shouldn't be easy. Apparently I have this thing with just getting in and getting it done. I like that the training is becoming more enjoyable as I go along. My little ah-ha moment today was this: If I could be running, I'm not going to be walking. I have this thing about stopping when I don't really need to, I guess it's a sort of boredom, my mind winning some game against my will, but they're learning to work together. And where they meet, there is joy. I'm running because like I used to run when I was a child and young teen. I just liked to do it. I liked to see how far I could go. I put in the laps on the tracks Westwood High and Kino Junior High just because I wanted to.  It's okay to want things, and even better to act on those little desires that just won't leave you alone. I could want to accomplish running a half marathon and even a full one all the livelong day, but unless I do something about it, it just remains a dream deferred. These things feel so obvious, but I have to really work on them.

We went to the Art Museum this afternoon, and I enjoyed a painting called Bowery Scene. I never got too close because I was making sure my girls were staying interested, but it kept catching my eye from everywhere I was in the gallery. And lastly, while writing this this, Jake was listening to Leontyne Price's farewell performance at the Met. I was completely overcome with emotion at the end.


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