Scrunchy nose

It's official. I'm pathetic. In my very landlocked location in the middle of the country, I have turned to watching youtube videos of sunsets over the ocean and listening to wave sounds. I need the ocean. RIGHT. NOW. Since that isn't going to happen according to my preferred timeline, I'll keep looking at videos and through pictures of when I was there.
Cora at 7 months with her feet in the sand. Magnolia hasn't been to the beach of an ocean yet!

Hapuna Beach

 Portland Breakwater Light (Bug Light)

When I got to school to pick Cora up, her PE teacher met me in carpool line and let me know that Cora had tripped and hit her head on the wall. She went to the office, they put ice on it, and the nurse took a look at her. They always let parents know if a head bump happens. The nurse also called me a few minutes after school got out letting me know what happened and the care she received. She's fine. I'm not even sure that there will be a mark in the morning. I'm glad to know she's in good hands. 

We got Cora's school magazine in the mail that was a sort of kick off to their 50th year. In it I saw this picture:
One of our friends in an old ward said that there used to be an LDS building in our neck of the woods. I had no reason not to believe him, but I'd never heard it before, and I'd been around for longer than he had. He was right. Apparently Cora's school bought it long ago, but it was torn down when they built the new middle school. Jake and I used to imagine where the best placement for a church building would be down in our area (we've had to drive 20 minutes to church for most of our time in OK). It makes me happy to know there used to be one, even if I think it would be super rad if it was still there. It was cute, too. Paul and Leslie - can you imagine walking 4 blocks to church? I think I've decided we (the LDS church) should buy the old church on 13th between Shartel and Classen. I miss walking to church.


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