I am just a speck of dust inside a giant's eye

While in the crane pose this morning, I was staring at a speck of white lint on the floor in front of me. The lyrics to Kimya Dawson's "I Like Giants" popped into my head. A portion of the lyrics:
When I go for a drive, I like to pull off to the side
Of the road, turn out the lights, get out and look up at the sky
And I do this to remind me that I'm really, really tiny
In the grand scheme of things and sometimes that terrifies me 
But it's only really scary 'cause it makes me feel serene
In a way I never thought I'd be because I've never been
So grounded, and so humbled, and so one with everything
I am grounded, I am humbled, I am one with everything
Yesterday I read an Op-Ed in the NY Times by David Brooks. Among many things he said, the thing that I'm still thinking about is this: Ambition is fired by possibility. It's a really nice summation of a million different things I've been thinking about over the last few years. Perhaps those without ambition simply don't have hope. (Ambition for what? A number of things...maybe even any ambition at all) I know that my ambition for trying to create a future that is really exciting to me has ebbs and flows depending on how well I've been able to stack the cards against me (and those cards not on my side are made up of things that are very real (like kids and paying bills and stuff), and things I'm afraid I can't overcome). I'm really good at deconstructing things, apparently possibility even. But something even bigger than my ability to talk myself out of my own competence keeps getting my heart all fluttery when I allow myself a moment to dwell in possibility.

How do I keep that glow of possibility going so that even when I'm bombarding myself with doubt, my ambition won't just fizzle out [Maybe the right question is how do I cut self-doubt]? How do I help make sure others are aware of the possibilities that exist for their lives as well?
We all become important when we realize our goal
Should be to figure out our role inside the context of the whole.  


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