Finally, it has a name.

We have dallisgrass. It has completely invaded our lawn. I spent a great deal of time thinking it was crabgrass, but I was wrong, and I discovered this yesterday. It turns out that dallisgrass is a major butt munch to get rid of, especially on the scale seen in our yard. The easiest way to get rid of it would be to kill the whole lawn - weeds, grass, everything - and start over. That would be a waste because I worked hard at getting what Bermuda we do have growing along. When we first moved into Dot, the lawn was made up almost entirely of weeds. The grass was all dead. 

So how do I get rid of it? By pulling it out. I bet there are at least a thousand individual dallisgrass plants. You see, they grow from seeds throughout their growing season, but they're also a perennial grass that grows through a root system. Our bermuda's season is almost up, but I'm hoping that I can get enough of the dallisgrass out that in the last 6 weeks or so before the Bermuda goes dormant, it can fill in the holes (there will be A LOT), and in the spring start back lush enough that the remaining dallisgrass won't stand a chance. 

Looking at our lawn makes it feel like a nearly impossible task, but I'm determined. I want a lawn I love. Seriously, it's so much better than it used to be, but I am so extra determined now that the enemy has a name. Dallisgrass, you are going down! 

If any of you love to do yard work, or if you've ever wanted to eradicate a form of evil from the world, you're more than welcome to help me with this mission. I promise you callused hands, an aching back, and dirt under your nails. But none of that will matter when you see the pile of dallisgrass you've taken out. I think pulling weeds might be one of the most gratifying things. 

Here it is:


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