Sweet Cora

I was going to blog about my hair tonight, and how I'm pretty sure I'm not going to cut it until I'm at least 30. But as I was looking for pictures of my former long locks, before the very poor decision to color it myself after Magnolia was born (which was ultimately the biggest reason why I cut it, to finally be rid of that mistake), I got lost in images of my Sweet Cora.

Baby Cora. And I may have felt like crying. What will follow is a whole lot of my heart. It's okay if you feel like crying a little, too. What a darling baby I had, and what a darling girl that baby has grown into.

Isn't it strange - how a mother can so miss the baby who is the child standing before her...

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  1. She is so beautiful and inspirational. : ) Thanks for sharing these photos. Her personality shines through.



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