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I've had so many things on my mind lately, and haven't given myself time to write any of them down. Tonight will not be the night for that [in-depth] either. 

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to really be "pro-life." 
[please leave what it has come to be defined as in politics at the door]

I've been thinking about my friend's [Sarah Keller] little sister Laura and how she was diagnosed with lymphoma while I was in Arizona, and is now going through chemo. I couldn't even think about it all without crying for the first few weeks. 

I've been trying to work into a nice rhythm of productivity. My natural tendency is spontaneity. But I think spontaneity works best when some part of my time is structured. 

Magnolia only had one little accident today in what had been a month of potty training regression. I hope she'll get comfortable telling her teachers when she needs to go. Cora was 4 months older than Magnolia when she started school, and had been potty trained for almost a year. Magnolia had been potty trained for 3 months when school started. I lnow that makes a huge difference. M loves everything about school, except for the cute little potty in her classroom, apparently. 

I've been thinking about change and how I'm so hungry for it, but there's something nice about still looking for and being excited about possibilities right where I am.

I've been thinking about a quote by Theodore Roosevelt: "Comparison is the thief of joy."

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