Moment with Magnolia

There are a very few actual pictures that aren't in frames around our house, and most of them are of Cora from her picture timelines she makes at school for her birthday party there. [We have oodles and gobs of pictures on our phones, computers, and our ipad, and Magnolia is certainly represented.] Today Magnolia found two pictures from when Cora was a baby. It took her a while to grasp that Cora ever was a baby, so when she sees a baby picture of Cora now, she still always asks is it's her [M] first, but she doesn't get downright feisty trying to convince us that it really is her when we tell her it's Cora.

When she picked up the first picture she asked, "Is this me?"

"No, that's Cora." I replied.

M: Oh. Where am I?
Me: You weren't born yet.
M: But where was I?
Me: Heaven.
M. Oh. Where are you?
Me: I'm taking the picture.
M: Oh. Where's Papa?
Me: At work.

She was quiet for a few minutes, still looking through the drawer next to me, then she pulled out another picture of Baby Cora.

M: Is this me?
Me: No, that's Cora when she was a baby.
M: Where am I?
Me: Heaven

[A brief pause] - And then it happened...

M: But who "hold you me" in heaven?
[It took me a little second because I was caught off guard knowing she was imagining herself all alone]
Me: God.
M: [relieved] Oh. God hold you me in heaven.
Me: That's right.

I wanted to fall a part at what her little mind was thinking when she couldn't imagine who could have been holding her if she wasn't with her little family. And I got all gushy that she was completely content that if one of us wasn't holding her, God could.

And because children are such wonderful teachers (they are the best at keeping it real), I loved the sweet spirit that reaffirmed, "God can do that for us still."

Baby Magnolia:

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