September has 13 days left and the cost of ear tube surgery

I paid our mortgage today. It's something that we put off because of the perilous month we had yet to get through. We made it passed the 15th, I brought home a little bacon [should I say facon?], and I think we're going to make it to September 30th. Today was the last day we could pay it without paying a late fee. This all feels like a huge accomplishment. I just knocked on our wooden headboard, you know, just in case. There are still 13 days left.

I got the bill for Cora's ear tubes a few days ago? Any guesses on how much we have to pay?


This is after adjustments, of course. Every hour we were at the hospital cost us about $665. Any ideas on how to talk them down? One of the great dreams of my life is ridiculously awesome health insurance. That is all.

I had a semi-impromtpu visiting teaching visit this morning. I did not geek out about Barry the mailman today, but they did get here a little earlier than I was expecting, and I was so not dressed. When I heard the doorbell, I ran to my room only to see that the blinds of the window that faces our front porch were open. There they were, plain as day, and there I was in my garments, luckily they weren't looking in the window. (Adult Mormon folk who have gone through the temple wear "garments" as their underwear. Garments (in a nutshell) consist of an "undershirt-like" top and "biker-short-like" bottoms.) I grabbed my clothes and hightailed it out of there.

Anyway, I really enjoyed what they had to say, and one of them, Lisa, said something I so wish I could remember. She was talking about how there will always be things that don't got as planned in life (ups and downs), but those things, while discouraging, shouldn't be debilitating. After she finished, she said something that basically means God will always be there for us, but she said it in her so super awesome Puerto Rican way. I know "He" was the first word, and I think there were three words, and I can't believe I don't remember! It was going to be a little mantra for me to carry around.

Their visit was timely. My anxiety has not been in check the way I'd like for it to be. Today was actually a really good day, but the previous days have been a wreck. I took one of my anxiety medications for the first time in months on Saturday. I totally know why, too. My anxiety issues are closely tied to hormones, and I'm ovulating. It's so ridiculous. I hope the egg has done what it needed to do so everything can just chill out. In my days way back in the day before I was ever on birth control, I used to know I was ovulating because of mittelschmerz. Now I know it's happening because I feel like I'm going crazy. Bring back the mittelschmerz! Back to the point of this paragraph (the timely visit): we talked about things that I generally think [and sometimes worry] about (worry when I'm feeling especially anxious already), and it was nice/comforting to hear different perspectives, and the ways they've managed to navigate the point in life I find myself at.  

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