Burned by the Sun

Yesterday we were at Jake's parents house. We laid out in the pool for about three hours. I wanted to get a tan. Usually I don't concern myself with such things, if I get some sun, great! If I glow a little more from lack of light, I'm just as okay. I just miss the ultra super sun. That makes it sound like there's more than one. I somehow feel more healthy and rejuvinated after my skin gets a little golden kiss. I set aside the threat of skin cancer and the idea that someday they might have to cut out part of my nose (that happened to my uncle, but I don't think the skin cancer was from sun bathing). I bought my first bikini ever this summer, well, really in the Spring. It's red and light blue with flowers on it. I love it, but it exposed parts of my skin that have never seen the sun, and WOWZA to the red that they still are today. I feel like I'm talking about a bunch of nothing, here, I still am. My Grammy called today around 8:48, which would be 6:48 her (Arizona) time. She likes to wake up around 4:30. I don't know if she really likes it, that's just what she does. Anyway, she bought some Mary Kay from me. The Timewise skin care system. I was glad for it because it was my first sale. The whole reason why I decided to sell Mary Kay was just to prove that I could because I've never been good at selling anything. I don't believe in pressure or saying that anything is something that it's not. I hope that it will take off really soon. If only for the belief that you can do anything you put your mind to.

I want to see how dark I can naturally get this summer. I'm 1/16 Cherokee. My GG Grandma, on my biological father's side was full blood. I think that's really neat.

Lots of people, well, two people, went to Phoenix within the last week. They have no real connection to the place. They weren't born there. Their family didn't found Mesa, but they went there and saw the sites and soaked up the sun that I miss. I don't mean to be, but I seem to find myself a little jealous.


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