dirt between my toes

On July Fourth, we were at Jake's grandparents. They have a farm with cows and horses and such. They also have a little garden, and it was time to dig up potatoes. The dirt was so soft and moist just below the very thin top layer. I went in with barefeet. I curled my toes into the soil and they sank down in a few inches. I pulled the potatoes out of the earth and it was such a neat feeling. I can wait to be the person in a big floppy hat and overalls out in the garden without any gloves (unless I have something pokey) pulling out the things that are alive because I made them that way.

Also on the fourth, Jake's cousin, Jason (and his wife, Leann) had a baby. They're a really cute little conservative couple, they named her Michelle Katherine. Of all of the days, and maybe it's for the fire works, I think that would be the greatest one to have a birthday on. Now I know two people with it. When I looked at this little baby who was less than 2 hours old, I couldn't help but get all sentimental and schmoozy on the inside. The nurses were taking blood and getting hand and foot prints. She wasn't so happy about that, but I think mostly, she was just unaware of what in the world was happening in this very new place. It was wonderful to see how Jason and Leann were with her. She was just as new to them and there was such a sense of pride and accomplishment along with this great sense of humility that goes along with the responsibility. All in all, I cannot wait to have children. I've always really wanted them, I feel like I almost know them now. There are lots of reasons why Jake and I are waiting. I really just want to have more time with just him and I before we have children, but still, when that time does come, I just don't know how I'll make it through the excitment and amazement and fear and everything at the idea of this little baby that will grow into a wonderful human being and all because Jake and I love one another more than I will ever have the ability to comprehend.

Yay for babies.


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