Maggie Moo's

Though I think it should have been Molly Moo's, just because Molly sounds more like a cow cute cow that says, "Moo." Jake and I went to this (Maggie Moo's) ice cream place tonight. It's a lot like Cold Stone Creamery. I had Better Batter with Oreos mixed in. The Better Batter tastes like the white cake mix. It was delicious.

I'm wearing "White Lace" nail polish. It's a limited color for summer that Mary Kay put out. It's chipping off because I've had it on for a while. I scratched my head and left a little white flake of it in the front. I like the idea of big white chunks of glossy dandruf in my hair. Not really, but what if it was that way?

I think about Freud's ideas a lot, sometimes.

I miss Sarah Keller. I'm sure our lives grow a little more in opposite directions every day, but I don't think we ever grow distant from one another. I miss more people than just her, though I never believe in naming names just for the sake of making someone feel at ease because even when you do name more names you leave someone out (and I always hope those other people know that I miss them anyway). I liked the night it was freezing outside and we went and sat in the back of Laura's truck and looked at the stars. I don't know if she remember, but it was just one of the small moments that I will treasure forever, not only between us, but because that's how I think life should be. Simple moments that make your mind and heart soar with wonder...that you're able to share with those closest to you. I enjoy the simple things most. I think our friendship was always simple, not the things in our lives, but us being able to be with one another, and always knowing (me always knowing) that she was my safest place.

I don't have to teach a ceramics class at SPEC, but I get to help out the art department, YES! I'll leave you with that. Jake is in bed, and I'm ready to be there too.

I can't wait for fire works...


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