Future Tooth Fairy Contribution

Cora's first tooth made its way to the surface yesterday. Jake found it around 8:00 last night while we were lying on our front lawn looking up at the trees.

She'd been fussy on Monday and Tuesday, which is really unlike her. She had some vaccinations on Wednesday, and ran a mild fever. Then she seemed okay again. I feel bad about vaccines and a new tooth all in the same week. I think diente dos isn't too far off.


  1. Thank you for reading BrieAnn.
    How old is Cora because I have a nine-month-old daughter who broke in 3 teeth in the last few weeks.
    Speaking of vaccinations, my 4-yr-old had to get 4 shots for preschool and I had to hold him down while trying to comfort him sat the same time. He was so mad!

  2. Cute Cora. I can't believe she's getting teeth. Enjoy these little moments.

  3. I can't believe she is old enough to get teeth!



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