Small Victory

I have been going around and around with the billing office for my doctor's office for along time from when Cora was born...As in things from the hospital almost 6 months ago are still up in the air. In desperation (almost), I called the billing office for the hospital where I delivered. While that billing office and the one my doctor uses aren't related, the gal the the Hospital BO got me in touch with a supervisor from the other one. She sent an email and no more than thirty minutes later I was talking to a real human being. And we're actually on the road to a resolution!

A few weeks ago, I got a statement in the mail from a collection agency! We always pay all of our bills within a few days of getting them, so I was shocked. The billing office had turned us over without me ever being able to speak to them - not without effort (and lots of messages) on my part. The big mix up has been submitting the proper primary care physician to insurance, insurance misreading the physician sent, and the billing office being impossible to get a hold of - and me, a mere layman being caught in the middle. The worst part was that I couldn't schedule an appointment for Cora's next round of vaccines until the debt was taken care of, which was and is being reprocessed. After speaking to my supervisor friend, Kerrie, I was able to call and schedule Cora's next appointment. She will be getting poked with needles August 20th at 10:30. Victory is almost entirely mine...Muah HA HA


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