Kick Boxing kicked my Boo-tay

I went to a kick boxing class at YMCA today with a super cool gal from church. Thanks Karen!! Oh my goodness, I've never been so exhausted...or instantly sore. It was something like hiking the Superstition Mountains. I haven't used so many muscles in such a short time in my life. I could hardly raise my leg to kick the bag towards the end...and yes, I was relieved when someone came to get me because Cora was crying. She saved me, aww. I'd had a little anxiety the night before about leaving her there, and admittedly, when I handed her over I felt tears sort of well up in my eyes. I was really telling myself "don't cry, BrieAnn." When went in, they were changing her diaper, she was red and wailing. After I had her for like two seconds, she was fine. They said she did really well and was playing and having fun when she just broke down. She was super tired.

I loved being able to go today. I enjoy working out, but I haven't done so in a long time. I love to sweat, and know that I'm pushing myself. A while back I thought about running the OKC Memorial Marathon. I'd love to run the half marathon next year. I hate getting back into shape, but I know it will be so gratifying. I miss running sometimes. I was pretty good in high school. I had some scholarship offers to run cross-country in college, but I was ready to be done with running competitively for a while. I like the idea of running for myself much more than for a team...though sometimes the team is nice motivation. Some old stats: 3.1 miles in 19 minutes; 400M in 60 seconds; 8 miles in about 60 minutes.

I've got some work to do, and hopefully my lungs will cooperate...asthma is the bane of my running existence. I'm excited, and hope I can stay motivated!!!! Watch out road!...and treadmill.


  1. You fooled me. I couldn't even tell you were winded! Thanks for joining me, its always more fun to workout with a friend.

  2. That's so awesome! I hate getting back in shape too, but honestly I feel so much better emotionally and physically when I work out. I think it is a great sterss releiver for moms. I hope you get to run those marathons. One day I'll be as ambitious as you.

  3. Steve and I are trying to get back into shape too! It is soooo hard! but I agree with you, it feels good to sweat and feel sore the next day!

  4. Good for you. I have committed to getting my body back after I have this baby. We will have to cheer each other on to stay motivated.

  5. Wow, you go girl! I sure wish I could nab some of that motivation from ya! By the way, I think your new profile picture is the cutest!



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