I Heart the Olympics

I've always loved to Olympics. There are two weeks every two years when I am glued to the television feeling inspired, motivated, proud and connected to the world in an extra special way. We spent this evening at our friends' house eating kabobs, playing Cranium, and watching the Opening Ceremonies. Oh my, China. What I watched this evening left me speechless. I've never seen anything so magical unfold before my eyes. I cannot wait for the events to begin, but I know I will never forget, and will continue to be in awe of what China presented to the world for these summer games.


  1. We were glued too! Wow, the opening ceremony was amazing. I find myself doing the same thing. I've been watching US vs. Japan Women't volleyball all morning!

  2. I love the Olympics! I do have to say I am partial to the summer games to so this is my favorite time! I have been glued to the TV for the past 3 days like I haven't been in YEARS...



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