Post-Pregnancy Bod

This has more to do with one aspect of my body after growing a baby inside: my scar.

I look at my scar a lot...even though it's a lot less now than it used to be. I was never grossed out or weirded out by it. I never wish that it wasn't there. There's just something intriguing about it. A baby came out of this line in my abdomen. I know mine is a little bigger than most. The first time I saw my regular doctor after having Cora, she said, "Wow, your scar is really thick." I suppose I wouldn't have known the difference. I'm allergic to adhesive, something we found out in the hospital. My skin was irritated for a few weeks after, so my "wound" was healing on irritated skin. I also wouldn't have thought anything of that, but I was talking to a teacher who said she could hardly see hers, but had a friend who had a thicker scar than hers who had my same adhesive problem. I can see the actual incision line amid the reddish purple thick line. I assume that's what most people are left with. The incision line is maybe a half a blade thicker than an x-acto knife, and white. There's a one-inch segment that has the white line with a light pink wider line. If I cover up all but that section, then I can hardly see it. I wonder what the scar on my uterus looks like.

Aside from the scar, I have 10 pounds I'm still hanging on to. My waist is still 3 inches thicker. My rib cage is smaller. It's like wider and flatter rather than narrow and thick. I have some really light stretch marks on the ladies...which aren't much bigger now, they were just stretched beyond capacity when my milk first came in and was getting regulated. I think I fared pretty well overall. I wonder what the stat comparison will be when my baby making days are through.


  1. My scar is really, really light now, and it's been almost 18 months! Unless you're looking really hard, you can't even see it when you have the wrinkles from garments and clothes over it. And mine healed kinda wierd too, you can feel it more than see it. When they put in the staple-stitches, they overlapped the skin on one end, so it healed that way. With a little bump of skin. I couldn't have notice early on, I couldn't move much after my c-section. But all is well, I hope I'm able to have a vbac next time, I don't want to be limited on my babies just cuz my uterus has been sliced and diced too many times!

  2. I don't have scar, but I do have stretch marks. It's amazing how your body changes after babies. Don't feel bad about 10 lbs. I have 20!

  3. Oh, I forgot. Those are two of my favorite. I have Come, Thou Font on my playlist. There is a link on my blog to a slideshow of Christ. It is put to Come, Thou Font. It is beautiful. Watch it, you'll love it. The website is

  4. Okay, sorry. I just tried to watch the video. It was taken of their home page. If you do a search for Reflections of Christ on their page you will find it. The photograper is Makr Mabry, but it is the last one I believe.

  5. You're funny BrieAnn. The 10 pounds usually reside till you stop breast or a reserve for your milk making needs :) At least it was that way for me and my sister. Scars are weird. I haven't looked at mine as closely as you have looked at yours. I try to ignore that it's there and am grateful that it's not very visible. In about 3 months it will be a very different looking scar!

  6. You are such a dork. I would kill to look like you even after you have had a baby. You look better than I have ever looked and I haven't had any kids!

    I do however have a funky scar from my removal of good old Gally. The one on my belly button that was supposed to be invisible is not. Everyone I have ever seen who had some sort of labroscopic surgery has invisible scars but not me.
    Mine healed strangely and has a lot of scar tissue around it and sometimes it still hurts if I catch it wrong. I don't think I was allergic to the adhesive because the other 3 healed fine and are really light.
    Oh well. So yeah you look great and I would trade you in a heart beat. :-)

  7. You have to love the post pregnancy body! Multiple things are just never, ever the same. It gets worse too. You really do look wonderful though and did the day after Cora was born! I remember being jealous, Kate was much older than Cora. :) We would all take the trade anyday. Its all worth it.

  8. Well my baby making days are coming to an end. This one is the end of the line for us. The body definately pays the price. My body is weird though. I don't gain very much weight, so I always lose more than I gain. But it always seems to find its way back when I am done nursing. The great thing though is all of the strech marks turn white so they are not as ugly. I imagine your scar will do the same. Even though we don't look the same as our pre-mom state, the babies are sooooo worth everything we go through. I wouldn't change it for anything.

    PS: the slide show Larae was talking about is on youtube. It is really good.



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