E.R. - a first

Today was my first trip to the emergency room as a mother.

Cora was in the dining room playing with my crafts. I know what every sound is: "Oh, she has the ribbon, she's rubbing the material on the floor, the drawer is coming out."

She was making all of the normal sounds when there was a short silence and then a melt down of tears. I ran in to find her with my pin cushion and a few straight pins on the floor around her. I picked her up, checked her out, nothing...not a scratch or any blood, just big tears.

My heart is pounding. I calm her down while looking for my phone. I can't find it. I tried to get calm and I remembered I was talking to my mom in the living room last night. I pull up the cushions after what seemed like an eternity, and there it was. I called her doctor's office, and they said to take her to the emergency room. Great. I don't have the car seat. Cora stopped crying just a few minutes after the initial "WaHHH."

In the 40 minutes it took for Jake to get home (he was done teaching), I had calmed down, and even taken a shower with Cora. When Jake walked through the door, she was happy and giggly. I was enduring a serious case of self-loathing.

We took her to OU Childrens Hospital, after about an hour and an x-ray, we were given the best news of my live, "No pin." The doctor said if they would have found one, they would have most likely needed to go in and get it. Luckily we are out unscathed. She is now sleeping, and I am going to follow her example.


  1. Oh BrieAnn that is so scary! I remember feeling that kind of panic when Maylee swallowed a button. She was playing beside me and my sister. We were making bracelets with beads and all sizes of buttons. I noticed she had a button in her mouth. I told her to spit it out. She held it in her mouth and then, gulp. It hurt her going down. I was worried she had swallowed a bigger button. I gave her a drink of water. She stopped crying and I called the doctor. We checked her poops for a couple days. Peter retrieved it from her diaper on the second day. It was a medium size button that came through without any trouble.
    A pin is very scary. I'm happy that Cora is fine :)

  2. Wow! That is so scary! What a relief she didn't eat a pin- that would have been much scarier! I loathe trips to the ER- they take so long- and each time we've been the kids are completely fine, but you don't dare leave in case there really is something.... oh the fun never ends!
    Good luck in Chicago- it is really hard to make such big decisions like that, but when you have the confirmation you need to your prayers it makes it so much easier!

  3. Oh, I'm so glad she is alright. The first trip to the ER can be scarey, well ant trip for that matter. Mine was on Christmas day because my boys fell of th e4 wheeler and Ryan could not recall what day it was. How can a kids forget it is Christmas? Any way, glad no pins were swallowed!

  4. YIKES! I'm so glad she is ok. That is a really scary thing to happen. Hugs to her.

    BTW I finally sent your earrings so you should get them maybe today or tomorrow. Sorry I took so long!

  5. I am glad Cora is o.k. It can be so scary. A couple of years ago Conner got the goof off and somehow got the sprayer off litterally in a matter of a couple of minutes. I was so scared that he had swallowed some of it. Long story short he is still alive:) Kids are so resilliant.

  6. Oh my goodness... That is so scary!!! We are so glad that precious Cora is ok.

  7. BrieAnn,
    That will be one of many ER trips in the lives of your children. It's great to get familiar with that place right away. That has been our experience anyway! Not fun! I'm glad it all turned out okay. It sure is scary when something like that happens.
    I went private on my blog. If you want to email me your email, I'll add you. jonigraves@aol.com
    I hate that you are leaving us! You will be sooo missed!

  8. how scary! I hate that. First trips to the emergency rooms are scary. And, really you never know until you get them checked out. I'm glad all is ok.

  9. OMGosh!!
    That is so crazy. Knock on wood...I haven't had to do that with Ellen. I can't imagine the panic! Good thing that precious little angel is okay!!



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