New Couch

Jake and I just returned from a furniture shopping extravaganza. I believe we circled the store at least 4 times. And we ended up purchasing the first couch we asked about. The frame is discontinued, so we got a SMOKIN' HOT deal on it...even though Jake said it would have been a better deal if it's was like $12.

The leather felt so cool and wonderful. It was soft, and I scratched it a bunch [the sales guy said I could], and nothing showed up. The only thing I wasn't super sold on was the nail head trim, but it sort of fades in. I just can't wait to see it with bright floral pillows. I've decided that our Chicago apartment should always look like it's in bloom so I can make it through the winter. ;)

Here is a picture from Broyhill's website [It's the Bromley model]:
We will miss our super sweet sort of Greenwich sofa, but I think we'll be okay.

PS: I love this fabric for curtains
And this rug...

Both are from IKEA. :)


  1. I love it! jI can't wait to come try it out for myself! I'm glad you found something you're excited about!!

  2. Me too! The more I think about it, the more I love it. It should be delivered on Monday.

    Now I need to be on the lookout for some crazy cool chairs to go with it. Maybe yellowish...Can you imagine a yellow wing back-ish chair...hmm. They'll have to be cheap, and I'll probably get to practice my first reupholstering project.

  3. I love the couch. It will be great with Cora. It is so much fun to get new things.

  4. One day I will my leather couch I'm dreaming of. It can take so much from kids!! The curtains and rug will look so cute!!

  5. Ok so if you get some brown and white floral pillows in addition to the colorful ones, it won't look so weird. Then you can have your house be in bloom! And brown and yellow actually go together pretty well. And you can add some green in there too! Then it doesn't really matter. Lol!



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