The Weekend in Review

Saturday morning was biscuits and gravy day. While I was looking through some cabinets, I found a little surprise.

Cora loves to put things in random, and not so random places. She can open the lid on her diaper genie, so sometimes I find things inside - luckily she can't push things down through the "stink trap." Mostly I find unused diapers, sometimes clothes. I also found a rug in an empty trash can in the laundry room. I haven't seen her paci since mid-afternoon, I can't imagine what unusual spot it's in.
Two locations I've lived in have had prime views of marathon courses. One of those places is our current locale. We've loved watching the Memorial Marathon go by Sparrow Park from our kitchen window. This year I snapped a few pictures. Pardon the quality, I'm shooting through screen.

I love all of the white running shoes.

And finally, on Monday our couch was delivered. Please excuse the Valentine's decorations. You know how some times you don't even realize something is still there? It feels luxurious. I can't wait to make the pillows. It will be a summer project while we're living with Jake's parents.


  1. ooh. I love the couch. Wasn't Jamie Nackos in that marathon? I wonder if she's in one of those pictures ;)

  2. ummm.... I LOVE that valentine decoration....HELLO!

  3. LOVE IT!!! So pretty and classic. It'll last you through the years!

  4. Love your new couch!!! I love the nail heads, it gives it dimension.



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