Gift(s) of Prayer

Today I spoke in church on the Gift(s) of Prayer. My original topic was "Gift of Prayer," but I found I couldn't do it adequate justice without sharing a few gifts of prayer. I started writing it on Tuesday and finished it on Friday. I loved reflecting on the blessings I've received through prayer. It enriches my life. I feel like I neglected Cora a bit, but we went to the park everyday, so it must not have been too bad.

It was so wonderful to be working toward something all week - especially considering what I was working on. I'd like to try and always have something going on, whether it be some sort of art project or a piece of writing. I've neglected my personal writing since I've had Cora. I used to be so passionate about it, and it seems to have fallen by the way side. I hardly have a moment to organize my thoughts, let alone get them out in an organized manner.

In my talk I referenced my Think Spot at the base of the Superstition Mountains. I wrote a set of poems for my final in Literature and Spirituality my senior year of college. It was about relationship between me and places I deem sacred. One of them was about the Superstition Mountains - a place that was full of growth and healing. I'll leave you with that.


Your scar is visible to everyone
Pink flesh
On top of purple age
That bleeds when the sun hits
Just right

Every morning it fades away
Only to come back again as
Night moves in
To leave you in darkness
An illusion of healing

You wear it proudly
Because you know the secret
Tears cleanse
Solitude brings self-awareness
You share it with those who come to you

weep at your feet
sleep in your shadow
forget the imperfection
they thought you shared


  1. Beautiful should inlcude more of your poetry on your blog! My mom and my three sisters also write beautiful poetry. I am the only sister that is left brained and can't write worth a darn. I so enjoy reading it though.

  2. That poem describes it perfectly. I miss your think spot. I need one of my own, especially lately. I think I need to explore. Want to come?

  3. You know I'd love to go exploring with you. You scout of some places and describe them to me...we'll call it a long distance co-exploration.



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