Kid Friendly Couch - HELP

This is our couch. I love it. It looks just like the Greenwich sofa from Pottery Barn, which is my all-time fave.

The part that's not my favorite is our upholstery selection. It was not baby-friendly - and not the color, the actual fabric.

Projectile vomit/spit-up = Bleach yuck spots allover.

LUCKILY, we bought the furniture protection plan when we bought the couch. They were going to replace our cushion covers, but they no longer use our upholstery (FANTASTIC - and I'm not being sarcastic, it's a nightmare), so they're giving us store credit for what we paid for our couch. AWESOME!

I definitely want the same couch, but I don't know what to have it covered in. I've been able to get chocolate fingerprints and other nonsense out, but vomit, which babies don't care where they are when it happens, is hopeless.

Any suggestions?

PS: Jake isn't a huge fan of microfiber. He doesn't like that he can see the outline of his bum when he gets up.


  1. I don't know if you like leather at all, but it is easy to maintain, easy to clean, the whole time our kids were in the baby toddler stage we did not worry what we spilled on our couch. I'm sure Cora is not going to be an only child and real leather couches last you longer that fabric.

  2. Leather, leather,leather!!! I never wanted a leather couch until a few years ago when my parents got one and I experienced just how fantastic they are! They always look brand spankin' new! You can wipe anything off of them...anything! Ours are 9 years old and still look brand new.

  3. Leather! It is easy clean-up with kids-totally able to wipe it down!

  4. If he is not a fan of micro-fiber it really does need to be leather. We have micro-fiber and I love them!! I've gotten sharpie marker out and ink! I'm not sure if those will come off leather or not. Good luck. It is hard to anticipate what children will do to furniture!

    PS Love that couch too!! Very pretty, stinks that it was terrible fabric.

  5. Hello! This sofa is beautiful- and I agree, it looks just like the Pottery Barn Greenwich. May I ask where did you purchase it? I have been eyeing the Pottery Barn Greenwich for some time, but this one looks really great! Please let me know...! :)

  6. Oh Definitely LEATHER. Definitely. Best fabric to have with little ones. PLUS everyone is sooo right, they stay looking new FOREVER!

    I WISH our couches were leather, too expensive for us right now but eventually we will have leather again!

  7. Our sofa is made by Klaussner, and it's the Pacy model. The wood finish is merlot. We're definitely leaning towards leather, I just hope I find one that isn't much more than ours was.

  8. Ooh! Those are awesome! Spacify offers Sofa Couch and more at reasonable prices.



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