Yo Foo, it's tofu

My first experience with cooking tofu was not a great one. I didn't do any research, I just impulsively bought a package as I passed it at the Asian Market.

What? You didn't know about the Asian Market? It's on NW 25th and Military (just east of Classen). You know, the places with the neon palm trees. It's official name is Super Cao Nguyen.

I made "chicken tacos," though didn't know about the different consistencies of tofu. It looked great, tasted great, but as soon as I started chewing, scrambled egg texture took over. I do not like scrambled eggs...not one bit...due to the texture. Cora loved it.

Yesterday I picked up some extra firm tofu and froze it. I then pan fried it according a recipe I found at the VegCooking Blog: Perfect Tofu. It was SOOOOOO much better. Extra firm is the answer

We decided before Cora was born that she would be a Veggie Baby. I've dabbled in Vegetarianism several times throughout my life. Sometimes eating meat feels like a moral dilemma for me - this as I'm typing this from my leather couch. When it comes down to it, the only meat I'd miss would be bacon and prime rib from Cattlemen's. So as I'm slowly moving back into the realms of meatless existence, I'm glad to know I've got another protien alternative.


  1. From the comfort of your leather couch! LOVE IT! I could never live without meat....love it love it!

  2. I am with Laurel, could never live without meat. Have it every night for dinner! I love Sizzler steaks!

  3. I'm so happy that you want Cora to be a veggie baby! You should try extra firm tofu in miso soup. Very yummy. One really good substitute, I've found, is Morningstar Farms crumbles. You can make very yummy tacos or burritos with it. Add some taco seasoning, some onions, maybe peppers if you like (I don't). I do add egg to it, but I like scrambled eggs.

    I'll keep giving you ideas. Oh! You should get the Vegetarian Times daily recipes sent to you. Very good ideas.



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