Letting Go

Let it be known that on the fifth day of April in the year two thousand and nine Cora bravely let go and entered the world of walkers.

She has taken single steps here and there, approximately six, but today she realized that she could move both feet and remain standing, just in a bit of a different location. She loves to walk to a big floral chair we have. When she gets close, she dives into it and giggles.

[Video coming]

On the very same day, Jake and I decided to let go of our last reservations about going to Chicago. We'd already made up our minds that we were going to go, but in the last week, Jake started talking about law school again. He didn't want to live in Chicago for five years. My apprehension wasn't the five years in Chicago, it was the end result...the idea of being a slave to academia forever. Jake had a little of the same feeling, as law could provide more mobility....and we are small town people down at our very core.

This past weekend was the General Conference of our church. This conference is held every six months (in April and October). Knowing that we were having difficulty feeling great one way or the other about what we were supposed to be doing, we prayed specifically that we might be feel confident in a decision after hearing the talks given during conference. After listening to the sessions on Saturday, we started leaning towards Chicago. Then Elder Steven E. Snow spoke about change on Sunday morning. I was rocking Cora in the mother's room, Jake was still in the chapel (sanctuary). As soon as he started to speak I felt a very peaceful feeling come over me, and I couldn't hold back the tears. It was just what we needed to hear. When I rejoined Jake, I knew he'd felt the same thing. One thing that he said that really touched us both was:

"Faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time lest one will dispel the other."

Faith not fear. Our lives are in God's hands. If we are truly relying on him, then all will be well.

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  1. That's what I need right now. Seriously so many people in my life (you included, because you three are in my life and will never escape...mwah haha!) are in a transition. In that anxious, what do we need to do, it's time for a change but what change period.

    I really believe that my mom is guiding me to that change, along with my kookie intuition of what is right for me. I'm trusting "us" to find that change.

    But my conscious self is getting really annoyed that it's taking so gosh darn long!



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