At Last

I bought my last swimsuit 3 years ago.

has changed in the last three years in terms of my body.

I've been looking for a swimsuit for quite some time. I have issues finding great suits despite my post baby body. I have a long torso, really long. So long that when I sit up straight I'm taller than a lot of people who are much taller than me when we're standing. So one piece suits are always too short, I always have a super wedge from pulling it up enough to cover up on top. I've no idea how many tankinis I've tried on, but the tops are too short. I feel like I'm a tween in a bikini where the top goes to her waist.

I was looking online last night and found this one. The top would not find the bottom on me (let alone they didn't have my size), and would hit in just the right spot for my muffin top to spill out between the two pieces, but it did inspire me to check out Target. So I'm at Target this morning, browsing around...wondering what the point of a monokini is, and about to lose hope when I see a LONG black and white polka dot, strapless top with a little ruffle around the bottom. I looked for the straps (it has little loops for a halter string to attach), and I don't find them. I asked a nearby associate if these tops existed anywhere else. She said that was it, and that they would discount it at the fitting room for the missing straps.

I try it on with some cute bottoms, and HEAVENLY DAY, it is perfect. I take it out, and the girl running the fitting room is discounting it. I get it back and don't look at it until I get a little bit away. It was a pleasant surprise - a 17.99 top for 6.30-something. WHAT? I will tie a shoe string around my neck.

Oh, it gets better.

The plain black bottoms I picked out to go with it didn't have a tag, I didn't realize it until the cashier just threw them in the bag. I said, "those didn't go together, did they?" She pulled them back out of the bag (My total is 10.00-something, mind you), and said she thought they went together, but then she typed in the bar code on the tag that's actually attached to the bottoms. They were 14.99, which I already knew, but I was like holy smokes, if I wasn't honest, that would have been a steal...literally.

Not done yet.

I decided to go to Old Navy because they always have plain black bottoms. They had a pair, and they were having a 1/2 off sale, so they were like 8.50. I'm taking the other ones back to Target, and gloating at the perfect swimsuit for $15.00.


  1. I am jealous. I still have not found the "perfect" swimsuit. I did buy some shade bottoms for $14.00 on clearance this year and am hoping I find a top I like sometime soon..CONGRATS!

  2. my roomie has that swimsuit you're talking about and bought it for the same reasons you did. it's so cute!



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