Fabulous Finds

Yesterday, I went thrifting. I was looking for a buffet/sideboard/credenza to use as an "entertainment center. " My first stop took me to 23rd st. Antique Mall. Nothing under $1,000. Not my budget. I don't want something perfect anyway. I went next door to St. Vincent de Paul's, and saw a few cute things, but still beyond my means. Before I left, I browsed the shoes. That is when these beauties caught my eye.
While purchasing these for $3, I asked the women who worked there if they could tell me where a good used furniture store was. They gave me a few thrift stores as well as Capp's Used Furniture. I made my way to 10th and Tulsa. I found a great hutch, and in the process of finding if it could be separated from the dinette set it was grouped with, I saw the most beautiful chair....And then I looked 4 chairs down and saw what I thought was it's twin. You see, I have been on the hunt for some pistachio velvet channel back chairs (I knew this was a dream, and that I would likely have to find and reupholster these chairs myself). These were tufted, smaller than normal velvet wing backs. LOVE at first sight. They were both marked $99, but Phylis gave me a discount price of $175 for both (we are still broke from the sale of our car, but I knew this was a forever kind of love). These "twins" are quite different. Look close. I'm thinking Buddy and Holly.I found this fabric at a cute little store in Estes Park, CO. It was the first time I'd laid my hands on Anna Maria Horner's fabric. She is my favorite textile designer. Some of their fat quarters were $1.50. I bought some to make pillows. There are two quarters of the green with orange birds, so both pillows will have that on one side, then the other floral prints on the opposite side. The Turquoise and brown damask will be the piping. I'm also feeling some pinwheels.These fabrics go along with the thread I picked up and my mother-in-law purchased for $1.00 (I know!) at a garage sale, also in Estes Park.Now then, if the topographical globe I got from a thrift store in Estes Park for $2 wasn't packed, I would show you that as well.


  1. Um, WOW. Those shoes are awesome, but I am blown away by those chairs. $175 for the PAIR? Wow, wow, wow. So impressive. Can't wait to see your pillows! ;)

  2. Now you're all set to decorate that Chicago home!

  3. I love good bargains! Those shoes remind me a lot of my wedding shoes, but mine were white and the didn't come up on my foot as much! Great finds!

  4. Awesome find!!! They are beautiful... By the way, do you need any boxes to pack up in? Let me know, asap... We have a new family in the ward that wants to get rid of their boxes.



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