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We got home from Colorado Thursday evening.

On Friday I left for the last day of Girls Camp.

On Saturday I drove girls home from camp.

On Sunday we left for Reunion after church (a family summer camp for Community of Christ).

We stayed the night with Jake's mom and got home Monday evening.

We turned on our air conditioner for the first time when we got home, and after 2 hours, the temperature was still 90 degrees.

Today, the same thing. The repair man is coming tomorrow morning at 9 AM. Hallelujah and the Glory be.

I have been completely lethargic today. Our kitchen is a crazy mess, but it's also the hottest. I just can't bring myself to take care of everything. Our table is full of knickknacks from the thrift store in Estes Park. It was a $2 brown bag special. They had a lot of good stuff. Highlights include a winter coat for Cora, dress up clothes, and Christmas decorations. Oh, and a super sweet carafe with oranges and leaves on it.

Jake and I also got winter coats at the most amazing store ever. I got a $280 jacket for $120. Jake's was a $200 jacket for $50.

We hiked to a glacier on accident. We ate good food, and we saw lots of animals.

I got to wear a stunning red hat around town.

Cora got to enjoy the mountains.

Girls camp was awesome. More good food (a big thanks to Joni - I need the recipe for your salad dressing). Snipe Hunting. A lot of laughing and a few tears. I love being part of the Young Women organization.

Reunion was super fun. Jake has been going since he was a little boy. All the people from a certain region (part of a mission center - I think) get together for a week at Saints Grove - a campsite outside of Stillwater owned by Community of Christ. It's very sentimental to Jake. He loves seeing all the people he's grown up with in his church family. He really loves Camp fires. They get together after an evening service and sing songs. He knows SO MANY camp fire songs. I got to go to a Prayer for Peace. The country they specifically prayed for that day was Angola.

On our way home we went to Eskimo Joe's. I wouldn't have truly been able to call myself an Oklahoman without having experiencing this place and getting a t-shirt. My shirt is turqoise Jake's is light blue, and Cora's is light green.

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  1. love that photo of cora- that's a framer for sure. and i'll admit-- i lived in oklahoma for almost twenty years and never once made it to eskimo joe's. oops.



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