Personal Progress pt. II

I recently published a post entitled Personal Progress. I started it back in March, published it, not expecting anyone to see it because it would be buried by lots of other posts, but it showed up on my facebook feed, so I thought I'd explain it a bit.

Personal Progress is a program that is part of the Young Women organization. Young Women could be defined as a youth group especially for girls 12-18. I am one of the leaders of the YW group in our ward/congregation. Here is an overview from the website:

Personal Progress is a goal-setting program that helps a young woman develop a testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel. A young woman can work on Personal Progress even if she is the only young woman in her ward or branch.

Personal progress gives a young woman activities to do that will help her:

  • Know she is a daughter of God.
  • Rely upon the Holy Ghost.
  • Develop personal religious behaviors, such as prayer, scripture study, obedience to commandments, and service.
  • Keep her baptismal covenants and prepare and qualify for temple covenants.
  • Develop talents and skills that prepare her for her future roles.
  • Establish a pattern of step-by-step progress through her life.
I participated in personal progress when I was a young woman myself. I actually completed it, but never had my final interview, and never received my medallion (a necklace with the spires of the Salt Lake temple on it). I was so happy to be called into YW because I knew it meant that I would be able to finally finish what I had started being that I lost my original PP books somewhere along the way. I received my medallion along with a fellow leader last Sunday. It was truly a highlight for me in terms of accomplishments.

Part of working through personal progress is documenting experiences in a journal, which is what my initial pp post was all about. I'm sure it looks like gibberish without the prompts that you can find Here.

The final step in the process is writing one's testimony of Jesus Christ. I haven't refined mine enough to post it, but I love thinking about what this simple man who walked the earth so long ago means to me.


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