I'm getting so excited about Chicago. We turned in our housing application a few months ago, and we should know what building/apartment we get about a month before our move-in date, which is labor day weekend. In the meantime, I look up info about Hyde Park, explore as many of the streets as possible using google street map, check out free museum days, look at maps of the trains, check out farmer's markets. Sigh...

We sold Fit today. I liked him a lot, but I like being a one car family again, and NOT having a car payment. We sold it back to Carmax. Their offer was for less than what we owed, but after we get the refunds for canceling the extra warranties we bought, we'll come out a few dollars ahead, YES...but until then, our accounts are looking a little [lot] bare.

We took a load of boxes to Holdenville yesterday. It was nice to get a few out of the house. We also rented a U-Haul for that move. I'm really excited about being in H-ville for the summer, but I am a little put out about the job prospects. Hopefully I'll be able to sub for the first few (like two) weeks of school. I'm really excited to stay with the in-laws. I'm one of those lucky people who likes them. Hopefully we'll still like eachother in a few months. ;)

For now I'm trying to "feel" cooking. I don't want to buy any food besides the basics. I'm having to get creative...we could have spaghetti every night. It's just so tempting to call Mazio's on Monday (Large one topping carry out special) and Wednesday (Calzone carryout special). I think I can fight it a little more with the afore mentioned account balance...inhale - - -exhale. phew.

I'm getting close to packing my dishes away. Sad day... I keep telling myself that it will be so fun to open all of these boxes in 2.5 months in a new home in a new place. I hope I forget some of the things I have so it will be a real surprise.


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