[not] Making Babies

Yes, this post is about fertility. No, it's not about sex. Ha!

Here I sit on day, um, 47 of my cycle. So far this cycle has seen a lot of action, two negative pregnancy tests, and currently a bowl full of chocolate chips. I was telling someone the other day that I have been off of birth control for three years. Before I said it, I hadn't realized it had been so long.

I got pregnant 4 months after going off, miscarried at 12 weeks, and it took another 6 months after that to get pregnant with Cora. Here's the tricky part. The first time I got pregnant, I ovulated on day 21. With Cora, while I wasn't using ovulation tests, I would have had to ovulate much sooner.

I asked a friend about a fertility treatment (Clomid) a few weeks ago, in-between negative tests, what she said made oodles and gobs of sense to me. Her cycles became non-existent after birth control. Mine just became completely irregular. She said that a lot of women blame birth control, but really there is an underlying issue that would have occurred regardless of their contraceptive use. Before birth control, mine were every 30 days, and I could always feel when I was ovulating. I was clock work. Now, who knows what I am?

I think the hardest part is trying to decide when to seek professional help. I know I'm so lucky to have a baby at all. When it took longer than I thought it should to get pregnant with Cora, I remember a lot of prayers pleading that just one would be okay. I don't want to be baby greedy. I just wish I had an outline of it all. One thing I know for sure: Pregnancy tests should be free (or maybe like every fifth one) - I hate paying for disappointment.


  1. A few things for you to consider...check out the book "taking charge of your own fertility" it is a really helpful read..for all the mentioned issues, in addition to birth control, finding your new cycle, etc. and second, my doctor does free pregnancy tests...try calling yours to see if they do or not... good luck!

  2. Yeah, I would lend you my TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR FerTILITY book, but I think you would enjoy owning it. I ordered it on Amazon. I keep it by night stand because I'm always referring to it!

  3. I got pregnant so quickly with my first 3, then the next pregnancy took almost 6 months and was a miscarriage, #5 was another miscarriage, and then Baylee came after an IUD. Our bodies are so weird! Good luck though, and you are NOT being selfish or asking too much by wanting another baby!

  4. Good luck! I've had lots of friend read the previous mentioned book. I think meeting with your doctor is a good idea, especially with the upcoming move. Perhaps you could make some progress before the move!
    P.S. I hope you are saving a little money & buying your tests at the dollar store. (both pregnancy & ovulation)

  5. i SOOOOO agree with you on the pregnancy tests...I have bought so many over the last 7 years I really think I should be the spokesperson for the company!

    One thing I learned on my journey is that an actual fertility specialist will not meet with you unless you have tried at least a year with no success. Then they have you take temps and all that for a couple of months...
    an OBGYN however may see you sooner and have some suggestions.

    I'd try that book before I tried Clomid..it is not my favorite drug!!
    Love ya



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