Four Weeks and One Day

Cora is going to be three before I turn around. I was thinking about how her party was going to go down, and then some moms who were over for play group suggested asking her. Brilliant. She's keeping it much easier than what I was conjuring up on my own. When I asked her who she wanted to come, she said:

"Avery and Rachel (her 2 best friends)
You (pointing to me)
and Nolia."


I then asked her what kind of party she'd like to have.

"I want a fairy-Santa party."

Hmm. She later changed fairy to angel, but I'm going to stick with fairy - and drop the Santa because let's face it: he can stay in December.

We're going to have a little lunch party with her afore mentioned guests, and a dinner party with some of our friends, and then...we're going to have a party in Holdenville with family. That one is going to have a cupcake theme because that's what she wanted when we were all asking her there. Well, "ice cream cupcake party" to be exact.

What does she want for her birthday? A bike. She wanted a bike for Christmas too, but we thought we'd hold off for her birthday because it's that much closer to warmer weather. That will be the most difficult part of this whole thing, all because of what I have in mind. I really want her to have a little banana seat bike. 20 inch versions are all over the place. She needs a 12 or 16 inch. Really a 16 inch for any growing room because she is 1 inch away from being too tall for a 12 inch and 1 inch too short for what the 16 inch specifications say (she has a 17-inch inseam in-case anyone was wondering).

Anyway, I've found some great ones on-line, but they're in a local pick-up adds. I mean, there has to be some cute bicycle equally as cute hanging out somewhere in Oklahoma wanting to have a new loving owner. We'll see. Until then, I will get started on garland and flowers and little fairy costumes for three cute fairies and one, maybe two, sweet fairy babies.
(This is so rad. If only a crocheted bike could bring happiness and enjoyment to a three-year-old.)

The secret to happiness in life is lowering your expectations.


  1. Little girl birthday parties are so fun! Good luck on finding the bike- it's hard when you know what you want and can't find it for a decent prize or the right size!

  2. Three already? Time sure flies. I can't wait to see pictures from this fairy birthday party, I'm sure its going to be fabulous!



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