I can't feel my finger

On Saturday, I [spray] painted a picnic table that Vaughn made for Cora. I've never used spray paint in my entire life. The end result wasn't too shabby, but I fear I've done permanent damage to my right index finger. It's tip is completely numb.

The very day it happened I googled "numb finger spray paint," and it turns out to be pretty common. Apparently the extended pressure of the finger pressing on the can [can] affect the nerves. One guy posted about it on his blog and continued with updates on the condition of his finger. At 14 months out, the overall numbness was better, but he still couldn't feel the tip of his finger right behind his nail.

There were countless stories in the comments of the same thing happening to others. I miss being able to feel all of my appendages. I hope this goes away soon and that there isn't nerve damage. Who knew? I'm too young to feel numb.

(Yes, I bite my nails (I've been trying to stop for years). And yes, my hands are that dry... just in-case you were wondering.)


  1. I too have suffered from this condition! When Cody and I first got married we couldn't go out and buy a bunch of new items for the house so we spray painted a ton of old ones! (Chairs, lamps, picture frames, bed frames, coat rack, etc)



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