Who's that girl with Junk in her trunk? It's me. It's me.

Everyone knows a good pair of jeans is all about the booty.

Well, I have finally found a flattering pair.

Pacsun, or Pacific Sunwear as I grew up calling it, has supplied me with my all-time favorite jeans in the past, and it didn't disappoint this time.

The SALE sign drew me in. The 50% off already on sale items got me to the back of the store in a hurry. I reluctantly picked up a pair of jeans and took them to the fitting room.

As I put them on, they didn't get stuck at my thighs. They buttoned effortlessly.

I did the turn.

HOORAY! My booty wasn't smashed beneath ill-fitting denim. They didn't do the ridiculous taper down to my knees either. Hot dang, I looked good.

I took my jeans up to the register, on sale for 34.99. They rang up 24.99 instead of 34.99, and I got 50% off of that. The perfect pair of jeans for $12.50. I went back today to snag another pair, but they didn't have my size. It's okay. It is okay. I just don't ever want to take these off.

Dear Fox Bandit bootcut jeans: Thank you for loving my junky trunk and thighs. I love you more than you'll ever know.
PS: I've lost 10-11 pounds (weight is always fluctuating, I never know what to count as my official starting weight). I have 10-15 to go. I can't wait to finish getting rid of all the excess around my midsection. (I'm sucking it in in the side view. You would, too.)

PSS: Why, yes, our den is knotty pine. I'll give you a home tour someday soon.


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