I love how baby arms, when fully extended upwards, only reach a little bit over their heads.

When Cora hears someone laugh she always says "What are you being funny for?"

In fact, Cora is in the Why-stage, but never just says "why." A mock example:

Cora: Why'd the chicken cross the road for?
Me: To get to the other side.
Cora: Why'd the chicken get to the other side for?
Me: To go see her friends.
Cora: Why'd she go see her friends for?
Me: She went to play with her friends.
Cora: Why'd she go play with her friends for?
Me: Because she likes them.
Cora: Why she like her friends for?

And on and on and on. I think it's pretty fun most of the time. When she doesn't understand what you just said, she says "What'd you did said?" Jake and I, and most people who have heard her ask, have a lot of fun with it.

Magnolia loves to sing. Loves it, and it's so fun to listen to her. She also has had a tooth for two days now. When it first came in, she would run her tongue across it over and over again. We laugh at her little antics all the time. Cora is already her best friend. They're interacting so much more now. One of my favorite things is when Magnolia is waking up from her nap. Cora runs in, climbs up into her crib, and they just hang out with one another. I like to take a book in a read it to them while they're there so cozy together.

I am in-love with these girls. They never fail to make my life full, even in the moments I fail to acknowledge that.


  1. Ha! It would take some serious mouth prying open/tongue displacing equipment to get a shot of that tooth.



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