How Sweet it is

January 3, 2004 is the day I became a Mrs.

Seven years and one day ago, Jake became my Mr.
That's over a quarter of my life.

Thanks to Andrew and Ashleigh watching our girls, we celebrated with dinner at 105degrees. Jake had heirloom tomato lasagna, and I had butternut squash ravioli. We started out with a nut cheese appetizer, and finished the night off with a brownie sundae.

After a lot of research and consideration, we've decided to commit to a vegan diet. I feel like this is the natural progression of what we've been trying to do all along. No meat, no eggs, no dairy. I was having a little mourning party over cheese and ice cream, but 105 turned that around. The ice cream was made of cashews, and it was some of the best I've ever had. I loved being in a restaurant where I could order anything off the menu. In addition to being vegan, 105 is also a raw restaurant (nothing is heated at temperatures above 105 degrees). We spent the night in awe at what we were eating. Food is one way in most of our minds, but being able to step back from it and look at it from a totally different perspective was so fun.

Sometimes it seems like we got married a few weeks ago, and other times it's like we've been married forever. The past year of our marriage has been the most difficult and the best. We are total opposites in more than one way, and those oppositions have a nasty habit wreaking havoc from time to time. But when it comes down to it, the ways in which we are different end up making us so very complimentary.

And finally, because this is in blogger, and I love reading birthday/anniversary lists, here are seven random memories/reasons I love being married to Jake:

7. We hadn't been married for long, and we're driving through the Cokebury parking lot to our apartment after church one Sunday. There are two girls trying to fix a flat tire on their Jetta. Jake stops and asks if they need help. They do, so he signals for me. I get out and change the tire: heels, skirt, and all. [He is now a tire changing pro.]

6. When in Arizona for Christmas, I caught him looking up at the stars in the driveway of the house I used to live in. I used to stand in that very driveway for extended periods of time looking up into the sky at night. He appreciates where I come from, and how important place is to me.
5. We have impromptu dance parties around our house.

4. He's wonderfully sentimental in all the right ways and provides me the opportunity to be the same way. We love reading our old love letters with one another.

3. While the quantity has been making me anxious, Jake is a lover of books. He is always reading about this or that. Not only do we have full bookshelves, there are piles of his library books stacked around as well.

2. We both love maps. We're always talking about trips we'd like to take, and we look forward to the day when life will allow us to be seasoned travelers.

1. We help one another be the best possible versions of ourselves.


  1. Cute I love the list! :)

    Happy anniversary you two!

  2. Hope your day was perfect. Love you guys.



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