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I have loved this picture from the very first time I ever saw it...Somewhere around my sophomore year of high school, I think. Today, Jake and I found it at the thrift store in Seminole Oklahoma. It will proudly hang in our dining room.

When it comes to art, I love things that symbolically express an emotion. We have a photograph that was taken in a tiny village in Ecuador inside a carpenter's shop. This old bent backed carpenter's income came from selling his work to tourists who came through. The day the photographer came by to snap the shot, he had been working on an image of Christ. Christ is in the middle of the work table, without arms affixed. All around him are different arms to choose from. The creator of this piece had to get it just so. This image, along with the back story really make me feel something of Christ - the faith of the old artist. I treasure such things and how they enliven my soul.

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  1. i have that picture in my dining room and i got it at a thrift store for about $2.00 only to find out that it is VERY old and worth a little more money!!
    I looooooooooooooove this picture!



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