A Tale of Religious Fervor

After a big night of partying the night away at Katy's and Cooper's wedding, Jake and I sacked out around 1:30. We got up and ready for church. We went out to the garage a few minutes before we needed to leave, only to discover we had no car seat. It was in the Commander, and Vaughn and Tracey had already left.

We're standing on the empty side of a sunlit garage, staring at an empty backseat - dressed up with no where to go.

After less than a minute, we decide to check out our Holdenville options. There were four within walking distance:

First Baptist
First Christian

We narrowed it down to the Baptist or the Methodist service. I had never been to a Baptist church for Sunday service, so that was that. It was nice, I liked the music, the old church, the people, and the pastor's sermon started out really well, but then after the fifth or sixth analogy (I think we were either to an athlete or a farmer), I started to tune him out.

When we got home, we started making lunch, that's when Tracey called and asked if we stayed home from church. I thought she was asking because she had seen they had the car seat, so I said that we;d gone to the Baptist church. She acted a little surprised. About 10 minutes after I hung up, I told Jake "it would be so funny if the car seat was on the other side of the car. I heard the door to the garage open.

Jake came back in with a smile. It had been there all along, in a corner we didn't see. I'm glad we got to take a nice stroll on a beautiful Sabbath morning.

[First Baptist Church in Holdenville, OK]


  1. oops! I have been to a few different denominations and I'm grateful for the experience. YOu can now say you've been to a Baptist service (how many LDS can really say that). Cross it off "your list of things to do".

    PS. I've been to Baptist, Methodist, and Assembly of God, I'm waitng for an opportunity to attend a Catholic mass. We'll see. J/K, but only about the mass. I wonder if the Catholic funeral I attended counts?

  2. yes that's my old home church and those analogies were a big reason i left ha ha. well, that and a crazy fundraiser he tried to hide as a religious experiment and the sermon which followed about 'never questioning your pastor.'



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