Dear Edmond II Ward

When I used to think about moving, the thing that made me saddest was the thought of leaving you.

You, with your wonderful mix of people, friendly faces, helping hands, loving hearts, were such an amazing extended family. I loved filling my role, in all the various ways I was able to. My first Sunday away from you was bittersweet. We attended and will be attending the Seminole branch before we move to Chicago. It was the branch where Jake was baptized, nearly six years ago, the day after his nineteenth birthday. They are so warm and welcoming, and I hope to be able to serve them as much as possible in the next two months.

I had to remind myself to stay seated when the two young women were released from Relief Society, who I happened to befriend immediately. They both live here in Holdenville, and I actually saw one last night when I was out riding my bike. Her name is Nikki, and she works at a store called David's that sells the best pizza pockets ever. It hasn't even been a week since I last saw your Young Women, my Young Women, and I miss them, and you, and you and you and you, too.

I know that wherever I am is where I'm supposed to be, and I will always be grateful that I got to be part of you. I suppose this is just to say thank you for being part of my world.

Much Love,

PS: Holdenville has the best bakery I've ever been to. It's called Kalico Kitchen. Come visit us, and I'll introduce you to a Cloud Nine.


  1. We will miss you so much! You just light up a room with your sweet personality and smile. Please keep in touch!
    We love you! Joni and Lisa

  2. Wiping away a little tear...but plans are already in the works to see you soon!

    Leslie, Paul and Preston

  3. You are not alone! Oh, how I miss Oklahoma!

  4. we miss you and jake too!! but mostly we miss Cora!! love ya!



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