Today I went to Meemaw and Peepaw's farm to sew. Meemaw is a great seamstress, and I knew she would be a huge help in making the throw pillows for our living room. I was right! We ended up making five pillows out of really fun fabric I picked up at the quilt shop in Estes Park. We made one big pillow, and four smaller ones. They're all rectangular except for one, which is round, and the big pillow is the only one that is NOT tufted. We tufted the rest with mismatching buttons. They are so cute!

I was originally going to buy some fabric from Ikea to make curtains, but I think I might get some white panels and make a bazillion yo-yos to go on them. Hmm...

Vaughn [my father-in-law] is an amazing carpenter/finisher. He just finished a daybed [for the guestroom - it was originally ivory. He painted it black and sanded over the rosettes], a buffet [for the living room - originally mahogany veneer and missing two drawers in the middle. He made a shelf where the drawers were and added two doors then painted it ivory and glazed it], and my great-grandma's roll-top desk [originally...I don't even know...it looked like good grain, but wasn't really - he painted it black and distressed it] All three are absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to post pictures of these pieces.

The last piece my imagination is thinking of is a BIG round table for the living room. It is turquoise in my mind. I found one for $15 in Moore, but I don't know how I would fit it in our car.


  1. Missing you guys... would love to see pictures of the restored pieces and your pillows!!!...

  2. I can't wait to see your furniture! It is a dream of mine to refinish our hand me down furniture. Someday... (sigh)!

  3. Can't wait for pictures! How very tlented you are to refinish things!

  4. just wanted to say that i love you!



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