In the "Simplicity of Spirit" section of Firstlight, there is an essay that has to do with waiting for a large turtle to cross while trying to drive through the mountains of North Carolina. In response to this experience, SMK writes:

"It's easy to operate under the illusion that what we are doing is so important we cannot stop doing it. We think we cannot slow down, especially for something so trifling as a turtle. But that is exactly the sort of thing we must never be too busy for. Stopping is a spiritual art. It is the refuge where we drink life in."

I have had such a rare opportunity both yesterday and today. I had a date with a book and a treadmill at the same time. Yesterday, Jake was home with Cora while I was in the garage [the home of the treadmill], and today I went out while she was down for her nap, which she still is. It feels great. Just a little bit of time to myself does so much. It's refreshing - a sort of recharge. And I like the way it feels to breathe after working out.

I can't read while running, so today I took Ipod out with me. Jake recommended Mozart's Requiem "to really get you going." He lost credibility for "get you going" music until it hit about 1:02. Then I understood what he meant, and my respect for his reccomendation was restored. Not a common choice for working out, I'm sure, but it was really wonderful.

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  1. I'm really gonna have to pick this book you are reading! If you ever get a chance, read this book called "The Seat of the Soul" I think you will really like it.



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