Stupid Scales

I passed out in the bathroom last night. I've never done that before. I got up because my side hurt, and I had to tinkle. After the latter on the list was over, I went to get some ibuprofen. While counting them out, I was feeling light headed, oh, oh no, how did I end up on the floor? I remember the sound of the thud of my head hitting the wall, and total disbelief when I opened my hand and was no longer holding the ibuprofen, instead it was spread out all over the floor. Trippy. [How do you spell trippy?]

I went to the doctor today. We excluded my appendix from the list of things on the right side of my abdomen after my white blood count came back okay. No ectopic pregnancy. The last two things left are Mittelschmerz and an ovarian cyst. I definitely know Mittelschmerz, and the pain I felt/feel is nothing like what I've known Mittelschmerz to be. I'm going back on Friday for a more thorough exam. For now I'm taking an anti-inflamatory to help relieve the pain of the cyst, if that is indeed what it is. The pain is not entirely gone, but has reduced itself to a dull ache. Yes. When the doctor pushed on the right side of my tummy, I was not expecting the size of my wince.

When I was being weighed in, the scale said I was quite a few pounds more than I usually am. It wasn't a very thorough scale check, so I'm not too worried about it, but doesn't that nurse know that balancing the scale shouldn't be taken so lightly?

Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson. Rest in peace.


  1. uh- scary!? I hate that feeling when you wake up and realize you passed out....and then you have to wonder for how long...glad you are ok..

  2. You sure it isn't your gallbladder? Didn't you have problems with that too?

    I hope you feel better, it is not a fun experience to not know what is going on.

  3. I'm with you, balancing the scale should not be taken so lightly.

  4. oh my goodness....
    that's just your body's way of telling you to come back to OKC!
    Seriously though...i hope you feel better soon. love you!



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