23rd Street and this day of mine

Jake is gigging it up in Stroud, OK tonight. I'm not expecting him until after ten or so. I just put the girls to bed. Magnolia is talking through two doors. She talks for a little while before she goes to sleep, probably to her gathering of friends who sleep with her every night: Puppy, Owl, Giraffe, Amelia (her stuffed dachshund, just like Uncle Parker's, though his is not stuffed...unless she just ate), Peanut, and tonight she just had to have two babies.

I spent almost three hours in the kitchen. I made a new recipe that was super delicious, but I was the only one who ate it. Jake has a lot of leftovers for an after-gig snack. After that, I made some peanut butter cups, and then I realized Jake didn't pick up chocolate chips, so I made some chocolate. Have I ever shared that recipe? Cora ate two peanut butter cups, which was impressive because they are rich. Goo had half of one. I had one and a half (do you eat all of your children's leftovers, too?). I also had several pieces of the leftover chocolate. I put cashews in it. It was good, but I prefer almonds.

Today I donated plasma for the first time. I've never even donated blood. For a long time, I didn't weigh enough, but having babies has taken care of that. There is a perk to little love handles, who knew? I didn't know what to expect. I think there's always been a stigma (whether real or just in my mind) about selling plasma. Like it's desperate or something. Really, the plasma is a donation and the money is a compensation for your time. I never realized how much they take from you. It's a substantial amount. I enjoyed being on the "floor" in a super comfy bed/lounge-y thing surrounded by people from all walks of life. I was trying to read, but I found myself people watching most of the time - slyly of course. We were all in there being vulnerable together, for whatever reason, with our blood being sucked out, altered, and put back in. I think I'll be a regular.

The donation center is four blocks from my house. I walked. On 23rd street. Sorry if you're not from Oklahoma City and don't understand why 23rd street is a big deal. It's the street my university is on, about a mile down. The mile or so that borders our neighborhood used to be amazing, with a theatre and high end shopping. Urban flight took its toll, but it's on the upswing. There are a lot of fun restaurants and businesses coming in. I have high hopes there there will be a full renovation of the Tower Theatre.

Anyway, in all my years in Oklahoma City, for the hundreds if not thousands of times I've driven on 23rd street, I've never walked along it (with the exception of crossing it to get to Gatewood Elementary when I was a volunteer Spanish teacher for a semester during college). I passed by Joe's Pawn Shop, and I want to go check out the guitars. I also want to go into Lillian Strickler Lighting someday. That store has stood its ground for decades.

I love my city. I often wish I could tweak things here and there (it has been transforming faster than I ever thought it could in really amazing ways), but it has so many interesting quirks, and today I realized there are several more I want to explore almost literally, right out my back door.

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  1. The blood donation center is the best place to people watch! Many times I end up having some interesting conversations. Last time the lady who took my blood knew a lot of the same people I did. We grew up in the same stake, but never knew each other. Small world. Sorry to ramble, but I love donating blood. It makes me happy. I'm glad you can experience it. I've never donated plasma, but maybe one day. It always looks like they are planning on being there a while. I never have enough time.

    But i also wanted to say how interesting your town looks. It seems to have maintained its vintage flair. I think that's pretty awesome!



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