Some Favorite Lines

There are so many songs that have a line or two that fly through my mind seemingly without reason. I don't know why certain lines have found a permanent place in my thinking. I'm sure it had a lot to do with the context of my life when I heard them. At any rate, here are some of the most frequent fliers:

The sun comes up, I think about you...
(Losing My Mind, Follies)

Your skin smells lovely like sandalwood. Your hair falls soft like animals. And nothing else matters to me [...] I want to kiss the back of your neck, the top of your spine where your hair hits, and gnaw on your fingertips and fall asleep. I'll talk you to sleep.
(Sandalwood, Lisa Loeb)

Belief makes things real, makes things feel, feel all right. Belief makes things true, things like you, you and I.
(Belief, Gavin DeGraw)

Let me run through a field in the night, let me lift from the ground 'till my soul is in flight. Let me sway like the shade of a tree. Let me swirl like a cloud in a storm on the sea.
(Flight, Craig Carnelia)

You are my sweetest downfall. I loved you first, I loved you first. Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth.
(Samson, Regina Spektor)

And when he knew for certain only drowning men could see him [...] He sank beneath your wisdom like a stone.
(Suzanne, Leonard Cohen)

Jesus said mother I couldn't stay another day longer. He flies right by and leaves a kiss upon her face. While the angels are singing his praises in a blaze of glory, Mary stays behind and starts cleaning up the place.
(Mary, Patty Griffin)

When I lay my burden down there'll be no mourners outside my window. Put my body in the ground because my spirit will be free at last.
(Lay My Burden Down, Caroline Herring)

Something in your eyes, makes me want to lose myself, makes me want to lose myself, in your arms. There's something in your voice, makes my heart beat fast. I hope this feeling lasts for the rest of my life.
(Feels Like Home, Chantal (Kreviazuk)

And we're all so strong when nothing's wrong and the world is at our feet. But how small we are when our love is far away, and all you need is you.
(20,000 Seconds, K's Choice)

There's an unrest inside me, and I think I'll go mad [...] I've such grand aims with so many names that I grow numb. But one's surely bound to come because I wish it so.
(I Wish it So, Juno).

Forty years go by with someone laying in your bed. Forty years of things you say you wish you'd never said. How hard would it have been to say some kinder words instead? I wonder as I stare up at the sky turning red.
(Long Ride Home, Patty Griffin)

If everybody's grateful how come nobody's satisfied [...] Don't worry up your mind. People are sick and mean sometimes. Don't worry up your mind, they're only words. It's only words.
(Words, Ryan Adams)

It's in the easy silence that you make for me. It's okay when there's nothing more to say to me. And the peaceful quiet you create for me, and the way you keep the world at bay for me.
(Easy Silence, Dixie Chicks)

In a world that can bring pain. I will still take each chance. For I believe that whatever the terrain, our feet can learn to dance. Whatever stone life may sling, we can mourn or we can sing [...] Grateful, grateful, truly grateful I am.
(Grateful, John Bucchino)

If there's ever an answer, it's more love.
(More Love, Dixie Chicks)


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