This weekend was lovely. Cora was awesome at her soccer game! She stuck with the ball the whole time. She's youngest on her team by a year. Sometimes, she gets distracted by dirt, but yesterday, she had her game on.

Jake was playing for AMDA auditions downtown during her game and sent me a text that he was worried about where he parked Scoot. After the game, we drove through downtown to see if we could locate and perhaps save Scoot if he was in peril. To our delight, we got stopped at a light, and stopped at the opposite light was Jake! He was done two hours early.

We went home, staked our baby trees, and finished getting ready to go to Jake's parents' house. We enjoyed family time and were able to meet my brother-in-law's boyfriend Preston, who was visiting from Denver. I was glad that I knew I liked him in the first 1/2 second of meeting him. Church held a wonderful video message from Kris Judd who is one of the Presidents of the Quorum of the Seventy in Community of Christ. Her message was "Vulnerable to Christ's Touch."

When we got home, I pulled a lot of mail out of our mailbox and found that someone had stolen both mine and Jake's identity and had opened credit card accounts in our names. The fact that both of our identity's were stolen makes it easy to know the source. Both accounts were opened two days after our first donation to the plasma center. I have no doubt that their information database has been compromised. Something flattering about the situation: We have great credit. I'm impressed with the credit lines that were offered. It's a really serious situation, I don't want to make light of it, but I just think it's funny that while someone who isn't us is opening substantial amounts of credit in our name, I'm researching clothes dryers that won't burn our clothes like our current one does, and has been doing for over a year, but I've just "lived with." And while flattering, it is REALLY funny, that while our credit is excellent, anyone would ever extend that line of credit with all of our student loan debt. I can't imagine how many more years that would take to pay off.

PS: We've contacted all of the appropriate credit agencies and the accounts have been closed. I'm calling CSL Plasma's headquarters tomorrow to make them aware of the fact that information is being stolen from them. Hopefully this will be a one time thing.


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