I had one of the best meals ever tonight. We got home a little later than normal for starting dinner around here. We spent most of the day helping Jake's cousin and her family move to a new house in Norman, and we were tired and hungry. What I made ended up being like an Indian inspired Shepherd's Pie.

It's the kind of thing where every bite, no every chew, is something your look forward to. So flavorful and rich and warm and comforting. Yes, tonight's meal was the epitome of comfort food.

I love food. I love flavors and textures, and spices, oh how I love spices. I should take a picture of my spice "cabinet" sometime. I used to dread seeing a recipe with a spice I didn't have because I didn't want to get it and use 1 teaspoon and have it sit there for who knows how long until I would need it again. It's different now. I have a whole shelf [and a half] in my really tiny kitchen devoted to spices. And I use most of them pretty regularly.

One of my favorite phrases: You don't even know what you don't know.

Among many things, food is a great example of that in my life. I just had no idea - and I still have no idea of everything that's out there, every flavor my taste buds have yet to experience. It's so exciting.

Anyway, if you ever come over for dinner, I'm probably going to make you what we had tonight. Prepare yourself. Your experience will be ethereal.

On an ethereal note: This weekend is memorial day weekend, which also means IT'S THE PASEO ARTS FESTIVAL WEEKEND! It's my favorite arts festival. I look forward to it every year (it's always memorial day weekend). We used to live one block away from the Paseo. It was so fun to see the streets fill with cars and people. We would walk our block to the winding loveliness that is the Paseo, and just get lost in dreamland. If you're in Oklahoma, you should spend some time at this festival this weekend.


  1. The Roses would oh so love to try this new dish. And we'll be at the festival sometime this weekend as well!

  2. This recipe is only shared over its consumption, I've just decided. I'm counting these two comments as two dinner dates that need to be scheduled.

    We'll be at the Paseo tomorrow morning at 10, and then we're having a picnic at Goodholm Park with some friends at 11:30.



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