I planted 72 petunias in our front flower beds a few days ago. I dug the holes with a kitchen spoon. My hand is a little sore.

Today I pulled four-hundred-seventy-million weeds in the front yard. Jake helped. There are about four-hundred-seventy-BILLION left. We're going to re-seed the bare spots soon because I'm pretty sure the soil has reached the right temperature for optimum germination. Our yard is teaching me patience. With the exception of ripping it up and starting all over, there is no quick fix for a lawn that had been neglected for years. I do know: O'Connor's fertilizer works wonders. I'm hoping that someday, all we'll need to take care of our lawn will be its own clippings and corn gluten meal.

Back to petunias. I just love them. They grow so happily and look pretty for so long. I'm partial to them because they're really my first little flower love. Even if I neglected them, I could water them back to life in a few days. When planting 72, I failed to remember the amount of dead heading that just one healthy petunia takes. I will be busy. I like being outside.  

I played about 10 songs on the piano yesterday. They were simple. I only attempted two keys. The one with no flats or sharps, and the one with one flat (c and f respectively - I just asked Jake). It was fun. Jake asked if I ever played with my left hand. The answer is no, but kind of yes, too. When I was in eighth grade (or so), I got Angel by Sarah McLaughlin, and I worked and worked that song over. I don't know that I ever got it just right, but I really wanted to. It took so much time, I had to write in [almost] every note/fingering. I always think it's so funny the disparity between Jake's ability to sit and read lines upon lines of notes and not even have to think about where his fingers go, and my ability to plunk out two keys with one hand. We're both musical, but I have no ability to express that in any way other than my voice (which I rarely do in front of anybody), and formerly as an occasional page turner during Jake's recitals because I could "read" music.

I was able to help with the Letter Carriers Food Drive for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. My jeans are dirty in all of the right spots. There was a group of girls scouts there. They were so cute, and so eager to help. I love watching children work. I can't wait for my girls to get a little older. This would have been great for them with the sorting of different types of packaging. I met a couple who are major volunteering extraordinaires. It was fun talking to them about all they do in the community. They had major roles in the memorial marathon. My extra favorite part was how they talked about bringing their kids everywhere they would volunteer and how all of their children, who are all grown, are involved in the community still. I hope I can set that kind of example, even though I don't think I'd ever want to juggle all that they do. Like I was blown away with everything they help with. Cool, cool people. All around.

And lastly, tomorrow is Mother's Day. I have no gushy post, just a picture.

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  1. Oh my goodness, seeing that picture of you and Aunt Linnie sure does bring back memories! And your girls look so much like you, it's crazy! I'm pretty sure that Baby G got her crazy cheeks from you and Kalli! Happy Mother's day!



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