First School Year: Check

Today was the end of Cora's first school year. I decided that I would start a tradition of taking a picture of her wearing the same outfit that she wore on the first day of school on the last day of school. I almost got it right. When I was looking through photos, I realized I put her in a different denim dress. Oh well. I thought it was pretty lucky she still fit into the [wrong] dress. 

First Day of School

Last Day of 3-Day

I also realized when looking through photos, that Magnolia has changed SO much! You can read about Cora's first day here, as well as see pictures of Magnolia. What sweet Little Loves.

We went thrifting today after school [after the park after school].  We didn't find everything we needed, but I did find a small pitcher for Cora. We're going to designate a shelf in the fridge to her drinks and snacks so she can get them whenever she'd like to. The little pitcher is perfect for her to pour from. And while I was looking at St. Vincent DePaul for a Cora sized counter-height table for her to help prepare food on in our kitchen, I found an amazing pleated chambray skirt. Just my size. And clothes were 1/2 off. It's seriously sweet, and was all of $1.35. It will be perfect with the strappy wedge sandals my mom got me for my birthday.

A shout out to my mother-in-law, Tracey, who added another candle to her cake today. And to Jake, who walked across the stage on the football field of Holdenville High School nine years ago. What a day of passages.


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