Oreos have nothing on me

I stuffed a pillow today.

Then I stuffed my gut with way too much sopa de maiz from Iguana. If I wake up with a double chin, I won't be surprised.

I stuffed my mind with good conversations because of the great company we enjoyed over dinner. Thanks Leslie and Paul.

I took our babysitter home after I stuffed some money in her pocket.

I got home just in time to read stories, but just before we said our prayers, the sky that was stuffed with hail decided to start wreaking havoc over Oklahoma City.

We were lucky. No damage. We'll do a little go around Dot when the sun comes up to make sure, but the big hail missed us.

My eye lids are heavy, my gratitude has taken the place of the soup on my insides, and I'm off to bed. I hope we come out as well after tomorrow's storms.


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