I turned 27 four days ago.

I spent the whole year I was 26 never quite sure how old I was. I always thought it was 25 or 27. I feel sort of like 26 deserves a do-over.

What's that? You mean you can never stop time and put it in reverse? Hmm.

I picked my mom up from the airport on the very day I officially gained another year. I had a nice long weekend with her. We did girlie things that can be difficult with small children. We went shopping. I tried on clothes without the dressing room door opening. I ended up with a new pair of greatly needed jeans, and some other clothes including some sweet 70's-esque strappy wedge sandals.

We also got - drum roll, please - mani-pedis. My nails are Big Apple Red (OPI), and I am loving them. I rarely wear nail polish, but these little flashes of red are quite pleasing to my aesthetics.

I took her to the airport today REALLY early. It was a nice, very different, change of pace to be completely pampered for a whole weekend. I mean, for real, I sat in a chair that massaged my back while someone rubbed my feet. Over the top.

I got a call early this afternoon that what I bought myself with a portion of the birthday money from Jake's family had arrived. I've worn this pair of sandals almost everyday for the last 2.5 years. They are literally falling a part, but I love them, and I was going to try to make it another season, but I'm pretty sure it's any day until I wear a hole through the sole (I think a post all about my beloved sequin sandals will be in the near future).

After my whole injured foot incident, I decided my everyday footwear should have more support, so I splurged and bought a pair of Chaco sandals. They didn't have my size in the style and color I wanted, so they [MetroShoe Warehouse - go visit, they are awesome] ordered them, and the Chacos are now on my feet. I think we're going to be long-time friends. Really long time as they can be re-soled and re-strapped. And even if there comes a day I grow weary of them, I can send them back to Chaco and they will re-make them and send them to someone who needs a pair of shoes. But I doubt that will happen. I'm a wear-almost everything-I-own-out type. There are some things I get tired of before that day arrives, but not many.

27, wow, I have high hopes for what you and I can do together this year.

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  1. I love my chacos! I've had them for years- like 9 I think now- crazy. They last forever and are fabulous shoes :)



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