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Many people who pass by Dot have taken the time to tell us how great she looks, how much they love our plantings. Some stop mid-run, others are looking around, realize we're outside, and pay a compliment. It makes me smile.

I make lists of things Dot needs, so a lot of the time I'm focused on what needs to be done rather than how much has changed in the last year. Our yard is still weed-y, our front door is almost the ugliest door I've ever seen, there are times when I feel like I'm breaking into my own home because the locks are so sticky, no matter how hard I scrub the kitchen floor, it never looks clean, etc. But that's not what everyone else sees. They see Dot, and they love her almost the way I did the first time I saw her.

In other news, I took advantage of Victoria's Secret's semi-annual sale today and bought my first bra in 8 years (I purchased the last one at a VS's sale also). That's not entirely accurate, I have rocked some pretty glam nursing bras in-between. Anyway, for something I wear [almost] every day, I stared at the numerous types and styles almost like I'd never seen one before. I think I tried on seven different styles. There was an obvious winner. I got two. One in white and one in nude. With the exception of two bras I owned in high school, white and nude have always been my personal preference - they're clean and simple, and I don't get sick of them, which is good since most of mine seem to last so long. For real. Today I wore the one I got married in. It still looks and feels like new. That's longevity.

Also today...I got a text from a gal asking if I was still looking for a nanny. She works at the YMCA in the child watch area. She's newly married, in school studying early childhood education, and I love her. When I started applying for jobs, I told her I was looking into childcare options for Magnolia. I was totally fishing to see if she would be available. She wasn't sure what her schedule would be for school, but she asked her classmates because some were already nannies. I hadn't heard much from her, but in the meantime I'd also decided that I was going to stay home, so I didn't follow up on any of he jobs I'd applied for- not doing so was something like scratching nails on a chalkboard for my networking skills. I got an email from the last position yesterday saying that it had been filled (it was also super nice about how much they like me and how I'd definitely be considered in the future - which made me feel better about myself). And then I got the text today... All of her classes will be in the evening, so she was basically laying herself at my feet to be Magnolia's nanny. It would have been completely dreamy early on, but I am so in awe of the timing. If I would have known she would have been available from the beginning, I would have turned into competitive, "You'd better believe I'm the perfect candidate for this job" self. Instead I spent some time figuring out that I'm the perfect candidate for the job I've got now. And even thinking about expanding my workload (sigh). I love how God works. I love how prayer works. I'm grateful I've been trying to do the latter more intently to better understand the former. I'm grateful for people who pray for me.

It's late. I'm in Holdenville, and a Brinlee/Smith/Johnson garage sale will open at 7 AM. This is a huge deal. I picked up some cute stuff, namely a rad pair of shoes I can't believe Meemaw had never shown me.

What I really can't believe is that I talked about God and bras in the same post. [Yes I can.]


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